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Amigo Comics in Stuttgart, Germany this June 2019
















Titan Trade Paperback Front Cover
The cover of the new Titan Trade Paperback (English version)

The Titan trade paperback will be in stores in 2019!


Very pleased to announce that Titan GN has now been translated into Spanish and can be found at!


Titan GN has made the Top Thirty Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga: May 2019 list of international comics aficianado Paul Gravett


Lastly, John Freeman, P.R. at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, gives Titan an honorary mention on the DOWNTHETUBES.NET (scroll down to the paragraph after the Quadrinhos Experimentais video).



Titan is one of Comixology’s Best of Indie 2018!!

Scroll down to the Single Issues (500 Items) and go to Page 16 to find Titan listed.

Best of Indie 2018
Titan is Best of Indie 2018!!



Titan Issues




An in-depth review of Titan was posted online at Reading With A Flight Ring and is very much appreciated…Thank you, Steven!



Another thought-provoking Titan review was kindly provided by Mickey on The Infinite Mushroom Comic & Game Shop on 7th June 2018…Thank you, Mickey!



Titan: Nascence
Titan: Nascence

Titan: Nascence in stores in 2018!

Titan: Palingenesis
Titan: Palingenesis

Titan: Palingenesis in stores in 2018!

Titan: Metanoia
Titan: Metanoia

Titan: Metanoia in stores in 2018!

Titan: Samsara
Titan: Samsara

Titan: Samsara in stores in 2018!

Titan is now available on ComiXology! See the ComiXology ComiXology store for a digital copy!