Colleen Douglas
Colleen is a London based comic book writer whose first love was 2000AD on Newsprint (copies of which she still has!) and Archie comics. The addiction has never left, so now she gets her “fix” from creating comics to share with everyone.


André Stahlschmidt
André is currently based in Curitiba, PR, Brazil. His first jobs were in graphics and printing, where he remained for almost twenty years. Now he’s been gradually becoming a full time comic book artist, working with both local and international publishers and writers.


Wesllei Manoel
Born in ’93, Wesllei grew up with Brazilian, Mexican and Spanish artists as a reference. He graduated in Graphic Design and began working as an Illustrator for the SOMOS Education Group. His career as a colorist began in 2017 in Kiss annual (Dynamite) and currently in the series The Librarians (Dynamite).


Chris Zero
Chris Zero is a comics artist, illustrator and cartoonist from London.
At around age twelve, inspired by 90s X-Men (best comics tbh) he started drawing his own comics and passing them round the schoolyard. He stuck at it and his work has appeared in books, on t-shirts, murals, and other media. His strange, neon style is ever evolving and takes its cues from animation, music videos, classic cinema and all over the place. He hopes to continue drawing for many hundreds of years.


Ferran Delgado is a self-educated comics letterer, designer and writer and has worked with publishing greats such as Marvel Comics and Sky Masters.
Born in Barcelona, Spain and an avid comics reader, Ferran began his career on title pages and logos, including manga and European albums. He subsequently worked on Savage Dragon, PLOT 2.0 and the first Sky Masters Sundays book released in Spain (and soon to be distributed in the US), which he handled solo.


David Bircham
David Bircham is a designer, an illustrator and comic author.
An artist with extraordinary talent, David has illustrated many professional publications and has had his artwork featured across the globe. After working with companies such as Channel 4, Hasbro, Paizo, 2000AD as well as Brodie’s Law which is currently under option for film and television in Hollywood; Brodie’s Law has recently received a publishing deal in August 2018.
David has been an invited guest at comic and art exhibitions across Great Britain and Europe.


Hugo Petrus
Hugo Petrus was born in 1981, in Menorca (Balearic Islands) lived a relatively happy childhood between cartoons, books, movies, Karate classes and comics.<
After getting a degree in Psychology, Hugo firmly decided to pursue his long life dream and entered an art school to learn the basics and become a comic artist, which he accomplished.<
Since then, he’s worked mainly for North American editors such as Marvel, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Dark Horse and others. He’s currently and proudly working for Amigo Comics.


Renato Stevanato
Renato Stevanato graduated from the Venice Institute of Art, as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and worked for several companies.
As a cartoonist, Renato collaborated with Cagliostro E-Press (Schegge di Fantasia, Golden Age Mystery Man), and Subaqueo Edizioni (Korben, Le visioni di Laura, Professor Rantolo).
Also, as a colorist he has collaborated with Stefano Cardoselli (Etoiles Finder, Iron Head) and Leviathan Labs (Sons of the Black River, Cold Blood Samurai, Blackening, Morning Star, Dark Frontier).


Álvaro Sarraseca
Álvaro Sarraseca (Website: ; Twitter: @alvaroming) is an artist who has resided in Madrid, Spain since 1986.
His works include: “One Man” back-up story in Witchblade #182 for Top Cow Image Comics (2015), Terra de Meigas: Belladona, a graphic novel for Ediciones Babylon (2017),
Turok Series #1 – #5 for Dynamite Entertainment and Killer Instinct, Sovereigns and Turok covers for Dynamite Enternainment (2017), Dragon Age books – illustrations for Dark Horse Comics (2018 to 2019), The Lost City Explorers #1 – #5 for Aftershock Comics (2018), Jurassic Park Coloring Book – illustrations for Dark Horse Comics (2019) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Coloring Book – illustrations for Dark Horse Comics (2019).


Bruna Costa
Bruna Costa is a Brazilian, 22 year-old Comic Book Colourist since 2015, with emphasis in comic book horror, heroes and cartoon, currently living in the state of São Paulo where she she got her start as an illustrator.
Bruna has worked with publishers such as American Mythology, Eibon Press and Mikeadi Comics and really likes cute things, although she works a lot with terror/gore :-D, she loves going to new restaurants and trying foods from other cultures.
Her favourite hobbies are playing video games and watching television series. In order to see previews of her most recent works her stories can be followed on Instagram.
For questions or budgets for new projects, Bruna can be contacted on Facebook or Email .


Ramiro Borrallo
Ramiro Borrallo (Seville, 1985), is a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Seville and began in the world of comics with SON, edited by the Spanish publishers Dibbuk, the result of an award.
Hand in hand with El Torres, Borrallo released The Apocalypse Girl for Amigo Comics, and which has now continued with Colleen Douglas in the script of The Apocalypse Girl Volume 2.
The projects Ramiro is involved in this year include Morning Star and Nobody’s Child, both accompanied by Massimo Rosi, and, finally, The Secrets with Antonio Sach for the Spanish publisher of GP Ediciones.


Juanma Aguilera
Juanma Aguilera (Facebook; Instagram) is an illustrator and a comic colourist based in Jaén.
As a cartoonist he is the author of the graphic novel “Los Ocultos” and various book and comic book covers. Currently he works as an illustrator but mainly his work is developed as a colourist for comics.
Juanma has also worked in collections such as Athena Voltaire (Action Lab Comics) or the adaptation to comic of the video game XCOM II Factions (Insight Comics). He currently works for various markets such as Spain, Canada, Australia and the United States with publishers such as Nowevolution Editorial , Joe Libros, Amigo Comics, Insights Comics, Action Lab Comics, Titan Comics, etc.
Juanma is also preparing his second graphic novel as a cartoonist, which he hopes will be published soon.


Marcelo Salaza
Marcelo Salaza (DeviantArt; Facebook) has worked with Image Comics (Millarworld Annual 2017 #1), Action Lab Comics (Trancers) with Jimmy Palimotti in 2016, Zenescope Comics (Grimm Fairy Tales: Day of the Dead #4 – #6 and Grimm Fairy Tales: Different Seasons #4) in 2017,
Titan Comics (Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Three, Time Trials: The Wolves of Winter #1, The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #7 – #8) in 2017, Discovery Channel/Zenescope (Great White Sharks #1) around 2014, Titan Comics (Hard Case Crime) (Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer: The Night I Died #1 – #4) in 2018.
He has also worked for a number of small presses as well as privately.


Fran Galán
Fran Galán can be found on his website as well as on Facebook.


Tom Napolitano
Tom Napolitano can be found on his website as well as on Twitter: @TENapolitano.


Juan José Ryp
Juan José Ryp can be found on his website as well as on Facebook.


David Rubín
David Rubín can be found on his website as well as on Twitter: @davidrubin.


Luis Czerniawski
Luis Czerniawski can be found on his website as well as on Facebook


Ester Salguero
Ester Salguero can be found on her website as well as on Twitter: @estersa_art and on Instagram.


Jesus C. Gan
Jesus C. Gan can be found on his website as well as on Instagram: @jesuscgan .


Lorenzo Palombo
Lorenzo Palombo (ArtStation; Instagram) is a Freelance Digital Illustrator and Comic Colorist from Italy. After high school, he participated in various courses of comics with the “Arte Invisibile Association” and the project “Bottega” with Roberto Ricci.
As a self-taught and versatile digital artist, Lorenzo’s coloring and drawing style is influenced by different artists and graphic styles. Not only comics influence stylistic choices, but other passions of his such as cinema, TV series, and video games have an important impact on the cultural background used in colors and illustrations.
He has published in the role of colorist for Scout Comics in America, Lev Gleason in Canada and Leviathan Labs in Italy. He currently has a studio in Grosseto and works as a Comic Colorist for
Leviathan Labs, as well as performs commissions for individuals.


Tobias Meier
Tobias Meier graduated in advertising graphics from the International School of Comics in Florence in 2017. Shortly afterwards, he joined Leviathan Labs and immediately became fascinated with the field of comic book lettering.
He had the opportunity to work and collaborate on comics for various publishers such as Image Comics, Scout Comics, Caliber Comics, Behemoth (now Sumerian Comics)
as well as various social entities in the area.