Silk Cotton – coming soon!

Silk Cotton W. I. P. by Leviathan Labs

Peter has always been told “the stories” like every child in the Caribbean.

The tales of the ancients bound to the Silk Cotton tree , the Supernatural monsters of Myths and Legends , whispered in hush tones

lest the speaker be heard and meet with an untimely fate.

Then the day came when the woman who had been his “mother” is struck down by a thing that could only have come from his worst nightmares.

Now Peter’s once ordered world comes crashing into stark reality. Grace Silk Cotton – The legendary Supernatural Churlie Queen and Enforcer

between the worlds, is his real mother.

The monsters are REAL. HE is one and the prophetic fight for supremacy, survival, the stories and Silk Cotton has begun.




Vic Argas Species Negotiator – watch this space for more previews!

Vic Argas Species Negotiator
Vic Argas Species Negotiator coming soon!

You’d need a good reason to be on Hancox – a Pangaea infested with genetically enhanced, accidentally evolved weapons – Krias – but if you’re a species negotiator it’s another day at the office.

For Vic Argas Species Negotiator, money is not the sole object, rescuing the client isn’t either.

He’s there for the terms. His current client: Ikonuhmi Interplanetary Management doesn’t play by the rules.

Here, the one to start the negotiation is the one to control how it ends. The resource-rich city of Hinna is the real target, in particular their hive mind king: White Bones .

Vic has to create the atmosphere for the ultimate negotiation, survival. After all, he is also a Krias.